The Tetons came up short in the MonDak Conference Championship game against Miles Community College.

Heading into the Region 13 tournament, they hope to forget what happened last weekend and focus on the stage ahead.

“The big thing trying to put the losses behind you but remember how it felt but always remember how the success felt cause we had a lot of it at the start of the year,” Jordan Kelly, Sophomore Utility Player, said.

“You can do everything right and lose and do everything wrong and win and so at the end of the day I think you just put your head down and go to work grind it out and when the games are over you look up and let the chips fall where they may,” Mason Przybilla, Head Coach, said.

The team started off hot out of the gate winning 25 of their first 30 games and even going on a 14-game win streak.

Sophomore Jordan Kelly said most of the team is third-year players thanks to an extra year due to COVID, which makes them want to fight even hard for the championship.

“When we want it and we go after it we string together our at-bats our pitchers pound the zone and we get the job done and when we’re not there it’s definitely not there but a lot of the time it is and that’s when we thrive and when we have all of our success is when we are all together nice and tight-knit,” Kelly said.

The Tetons are one of the older teams in Junior College and they said they know their experience will help them against strong opponents in the region tournament.

“It’s one of those things where the game doesn’t really change you have to rely on those guys that have been there done that they’ve been in the tough situations they’ve been in the trenches they’ve put the work in. They deserve to be where they’re at and I think the guys really want this,” Przybilla said.

“I think having older guys and having a third-year and your second years just an older team, in general, brings on more maturity level which helps with not being nervous and having the freshman jitters,” Kelly said.

The Region 13 tournament gets underway on Saturday, May, 14 when Williston State opens with Dakota County Tech at 10 a.m. mountain time. Bismarck State College will play later on against Miles Community College at 2 p.m.