Practice after winning the Region XIII Championship looks very different for BSC Volleyball. They like to keep things loose with Halloween costumes, and there’s no doubt this team is very scary.

When asked what the scariest part of this team is right now, this is what the Mystics had to say:

“Our big energy that we have,” sophomore Eden Schlinger said. “When we have big energy we have a big block, and then our defense is on and our defense is able to cover the court plus our big block. I think that’s just a big scary part of us.”

“I think just not knowing which hitters are coming from where is probably the scariest thing that we can bring,” Head Coach Kyle Kuether said.

It’s not all fun and games for the Mystics though. Their first region title since 2019 is a special one, especially because it’s a first for head coach Kyle Kuether and his entire team.

“For those girls that we brought in when it was our first year of recruiting to go win region is really special.”

“It felt pretty good to achieve that goal because we all wanted that goal and we just needed to prove it,” sophomore Jenna Rust said. “Like we can talk the talk, but we’ve got to walk the walk too”

The Mystics know this isn’t the end of the road. There’s plenty more to be proven with a chance to get back to the national tournament.

“I mean these sophomores said it right away,” Kuether explained. “They love the fact that we won regions, but they’re not ready to be done. I mean they were obviously super excited last night, but they know that now we get to go on to another level and if we win that we have another level. So I think they’re just a very mature group where I don’t need to remind them of that.”

The Mystics travel to Nebraska this weekend for a best of three series against Central Community College-Columbus.