A two-time undefeated state champion wrestler from Des Lacs-Burlington continues to show out on the mats at the college level.

Junior Coy Spooner became just the third ever grappler in Coast Guard Academy history to reach the NCAA Division Three finals.

Despite falling in the title match, Spooner said trusting his coaches and the program were critical in his preparation and eventual performance.

“When you get to this level in college, a lot of it comes down to belief in yourself, because everybody at the collegiate level has already proven themselves as very capable athletes,” Spooner said.

“Everyone each has their own specific skills and they’re all very good in those areas, so it comes down to a lot of mental preparation,” Spooner added.

His motivation for wrestling in college at the Coast Guard Academy came from a desire to be a part of something bigger than himself, along with the chance for personal growth by stepping out of his comfort zone by moving from North Dakota to Connecticut.

“That’s why I ultimately went to the academy was to step out there,” Spooner said.

“I knew I was going to be surrounded by people who were going to push me, and I was going to a place where it’s the most elite of the elite and I get to compete and wrestle and do it with some of the most talented people from across the nation,” Spooner remarked.

After his senior season next year, Spooner plans to spend the next five years as an officer in the Coast Guard.