Minot State Baseball is set to play it’s first 30 games away from home this spring.

Life on the road has already brought more than just unfamiliar ballparks.

“The roads were closed so we got stuck at a gas station for 12 hours. The hotel didn’t have hot water so that was another one and just the weather has been a big thing,” Senior Catcher Matt Malone said

But this adversity has ultimately forged a team bond.

“These guys are really good together. No doubt they’ve kind of got their best friends with the group but the thing is, there isn’t really cliques. I make the rooming list and decide who stays with who and I can put anybody with just about anybody and it would be just fine,” Head Coach Sam Boisner said.

The journey through Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska has brought wins in 13 of 17 games thus far and a 4-1 record in the NSIC.

“The biggest thing we’ve done is just pick each other other up. From an offensive standpoint, if guys have a tough at bat, they know that the next guys gonna come up behind them and pick them up whether that’s score run, get on base, whatever the situation may be,” Senior Pitcher Garrett Nicholson said.

“We don’t really beat ourselves, and the guys have done a good job of playing catch and throwing strikes and putting it in play and all of those things I tell them everyday,” Boisner said

It kind of sounds so silly and simple, but it’s really hard to do every single day,” Boisner added.

And that ability to consistently produce has the Beavers leading the conference with a .351 batting average with a pitching staff boasting the third fewest earned runs this season.

“Everybody’s just kind of contributing and knowing their role and doing their job and knowing their role and doing their job and as a hitter, knowing that everybody in the lineup’s got my back and on the mound, they’re shoving it, so going up and putting up runs just keeps getting easier and easier knowing that they’re not really going to give up a ten spot,” Malone said.

The early success comes from a mostly returning core staying to play for first year skipper Sam Boisner.

“I’ve just been really lucky that 40 of these guys stayed here without a coach and so I don’t take a lot of credit for it, because they had the chemistry,” Boisner expressed.

They had the trust in themselves to just be here for another year regardless of who they hired,” Boisner said.