There were less than 300 new positive COVID cases last week, according to the Department of Health.

In January, there were nearly 16,000 cases over the span of one week.

Randy Schwan, the vice president of Trinity Health says the hospital had 30 hospitalized COVID patients a few months ago, and three last week.

He says we are still in a pandemic, so there remains a risk of people catching COVID and that’s why it’s important to continue practicing mitigation efforts.

“That’s the key now,” said Schwan. “Vaccination, staying current with the series, multi-series if it’s one of those shots, and then get boosted when you’re eligible to be boosted. I understand that now 50 plus, you’re eligible for a second booster so when that becomes available you should get boosted again. ‘Cause, that’s gonna help keep you out of the hospital and away from the serious effects of the virus.”

Schwan also says if people are concerned about going to public places, they can wear masks.