The coronavirus pandemic has had huge impacts on businesses since last year.

While many businesses lost customers, one industry had an increase.

Thomas Funeral Home has been serving the Minot community since 1926.

Mark Roth is one of the and owners and funeral directors.

He says their caseload went up quite a bit last year when there was an uptick of COVID-related deaths in the state.

When the funeral home was at its busiest, they never had to turn a family away.

Roth said while the death numbers have decreased quite a bit since the peak of the coronavirus, he knows everything can change in a day.

“We have very, very understanding families that understood the situation and allowed us to take the time needed to serve them safely, effectively, and we did the best with technology to promote some of the alternative things we could do in a pandemic,” Roth said.

He said he hopes the community stays safe and if people aren’t feeling well, they should not attend funeral services.