We’re days away from the start of an experiment for North Dakota’s hunting landscape.

The State Interim Natural Resources Committee voted unanimously Monday afternoon to approve a new online tool that will allow landowners to electronically post land open for hunting.

Landowners in Slope, Richland and Ramsey Counties will be able to click a link on the Game and Fish website and post their land.

Since this is part of a “pilot project”, if you post land online, you still need to post actual signs on your property for the upcoming hunting season.

The Game & Fish Department says they hope to have the site up and running by late this week or the start of next week.

“What we’re looking for here is the usability of the application, the proof of concept for them to post their land. This is something that would be used in the future to provide direction for changes that would be required to existing law,” said Brian Hosek, the GIS Coordinator for the Game & Fish Department.

Landowners will have until July 15 to electronically post land, if they wish.

Hunters can then use an app or go online to find out what land is posted.