Regenerative ranch remains successful during COVID-19 pandemic


Brown's Ranch has seen a 300% increase in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their success is due to their strategy to direct market to small local meat processing centers and co-ops.

As KX reported earlier this month, markets for livestock have become extremely volatile since the spread of the coronavirus began.

But one ranch is finding success during the pandemic by doing things unconventionally.

“All of our management goes to make the soil better. And, in a commodity type situation there’s a lot of people out there who [say] you know the soil is just a growing medium for a plant and nothing more,” explained Brown’s Ranch third-generation farmer Paul Brown.

Paul Brown took over the ranch from his dad Gabe after returning home from college.

His goal was transitioning away from commodities style farming by focusing on diversity and going 100 percent organic.

“They’re out here grazing on a diverse sword of grass which is very healthy for them as compared to beef say raised on a feedlot, they’re fed a few things every day and finished on a high starch diet which is very unnatural for them. So, when these guys are out here grazing on various plants, those plants act as medicine for them. They’re very healthy and then in turn their protein is very healthy for us to consume,” said Brown.

Brown’s Ranch is finding success through marketing their cattle via direct sales.

“So, we utilize local smaller processing plants, and the large processing plants have had to shut down because of COVID, some of them have had to, and it just produces a back jam so there’s a bunch of cattle finished and ready to go to the meat processing plant and there’s nowhere to process them,” explained Brown.

Direct sales cuts out the middle man. Brown’s Ranchs sees their product from beginning to end. Their livestock is born and raised on the ranch, processed at local meat processing centers, and they sell the product to local grocery stores and co-ops.

The Browns say their goal is to mimic nature, and this unconventional approach seems to be paying off.

“I guess there’s a silver lining to everything for everything. For us in our direct meat sales. direct to the consumer. Our sales have been up over 300 percent,” said Brown.

To learn more about Brown’s Ranch and regenerative agriculture, click here.

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