MANDAN, ND (KXNET) — A 30-year-old Bismarck man, Torrey Flyinghorse, was arrested early Thursday morning after he chased after another man who was out running in Mandan allegedly with a pipe.

According to the arresting affidavit, the incident occurred around 2:04 a.m. this morning when a witness called police stating that two men were fighting. The witness stated that she saw a man running and asked if he was okay when Flyinghorse ran up and started speaking aggressively toward the man and then began chasing him.

The man being chased stated that Flyinghorse chased him and at one point grabbed what appeared to be a silver metal pipe, which police stated that have yet to find at this time.

When police arrived, they separated the two and spoke with the man who was being chased who stated that he was running to his mother’s house and runs everywhere as he is training to join the Marine Corps as well as what happened.

While speaking with the man, Flyinghorse allegedly began not complying with officers at the scene. After being unable to gain control of him, officers were forced to use a taser to get him under control.

While being placed in the back of the police car, Flyinghorse then spit at one of the arresting officers.

Flyinghorse is currently being held at the Burleigh Morton Detention Center and is being charged with the following:

  • Terrorizing (Class C Felony)
  • Contact by Bodily Fluids, Law Enforcement, Knowingly (Class C Felony)
  • Preventing Arrest (Class C Felony)
  • Disorderly Conduct, Fighting Behavior (Class B Misdemeanor)