A $2,000 reward is being offered for information on a moose poaching incident that happened a few weeks ago in north central North Dakota.

The Game and Fish Department says five adult moose were shot and killed about six miles southwest of Dunseith. Officials say the poaching happened between April 25th and April 30th.

Three cows and two bulls were killed. One of those cows was pregnant with triplets, and “two calves were cut out of her,” according to Game and Fish officials.

The organization Report All Poachers is offering $2,000 for information that leads to a conviction.

You’re asked to call Report All Poachers at 701-328-9921, or Jonathan Tofteland at the Game and Fish Department at 701-201-0703 with any information.

“If it’s in front of you and it’s happening right there and then, get as much description as possible. License plates are the best tool, we can go back and look at who’s driving that vehicle and so forth.
Description of the vehicle red, blue, black, the color. If you know your vehicles really well if its a Chevy, Ford whatever. As much information you can give us as possible,” said Tofteland in regards to poaching in general.