(KXNET) — Keep track of every crime that KX News covers from around the state of North Dakota throughout the month of August right here.

August 18 – An attempted traffic stop in Williston early Friday morning led to a vehicle pursuit and an exchange of gunfire with police before the suspect was apprehended in an apartment building.

August 17 – A 35-year-old Bismarck man, Devon Pahl, was arrested late Wednesday night after he allegedly caused a car crash while driving under the influence and attempted to bite an officer and staff at the hospital where he was taken to before jail.

August 17 – A Watertown, South Dakota, native has been charged with murder in North Dakota for the death of his wife last week in West Fargo.

August 10 – A U.S. District Judge in Fargo has sentenced a Cavalier man to nearly three decades in prison for receiving child pornographic material and failing to register as a sex offender.

August 10 – Minot law enforcement arrested six people who were allegedly in possession of or distributing Heroin, Fentanyl, Methamphetamine, and Vyvanse.

August 9 – A 21-year-old Minot man, Bridger Watson, was arrested for shooting a gun at a person’s car at a southeast Minot mobile home park.

August 7 – A 40-year-old Minot man, David Diaz, was arrested after a couple pulled up to him in their car on E Burdick Expressway to check on him and he allegedly pulled a gun on them in response.

August 7 – A 27-year-old Minot man was arrested for allegedly trying to climb into a Minot residence from its roof through the upstairs window and injuring the woman who lived there to “get his shirt back.”

August 4 – Two men, Robert Haider of Dickinson and Brent Ellis of Bismarck, were arrested for allegedly breaking into and robbing a bar in Wing, Red’s Lucky Spur back in July.

August 4 – A 22-year-old Jamestown woman, Kristina Vanalstine, was arrested on Thursday, August 3 for possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance (fentanyl) and possession of drug paraphernalia.

August 4 – A search warrant performed by the Minot Police Department resulted in the arrest of 23-year-old Richard Pierce for having illegal images of minors on multiple devices in his possession.

August 4 – A 31-year-old Roseglen woman was killed in a hit-and-run early Friday morning on Highway 23 about 1 mile east of New Town.

August 2 – A Beulah man, Shawn McLaughlin, was arrested for allegedly attempting to lure multiple minors to meet with him via Facebook to perform sexual acts.

August 2 – Former Linton Public School teacher Jay Schmaltz was arrested at the end of the school year for allegedly stealing over $2,000 from a fundraiser the school was conducting.

August 1 – 31-year-old Eduardo Diaz of Bismarck was arrested for allegedly shooting his BB gun at a neighbor’s pickup and camper after having been arrested for shooting out the same neighbor’s windows and threatening to kill them just two weeks earlier.