MENOKEN, ND (KXNET) — The North Dakota State’s Attorney’s Office has stated that they are planning to charge the suspects who participated in an animal mutilation video that went viral in North Dakota back in September.

KX News spoke to the State’s Attorney’s Office who stated that they could not share what exactly the charges were at this time, but that they would be finalized sometime before the end of the year.

They have been reviewing the case following an investigation by the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department.

The State’s Attorney’s Office described the video as “brutal” and that “several employees at their office cried” when they watched the video. The State’s Attorney’s Office was adamant that they would not reject this case.

In North Dakota, Animal Cruelty is intentionally engaging in animal cruelty, whether it’s mutilating an animal or breaking an animal’s bones. An Animal Cruelty charge is considered a Class C Felony.

This is a developing story and KX News will provide updates as new information becomes available.