BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Two Bismarck men, Leighton Corey Condon and Josean “Joseu” Serrano Guzman, were arrested over the weekend for brutally beating a man, cutting him, and threatening him with a knife for allegedly stealing one of their speakers.

According to the affidavit, Condon and Guzman approached the man at Sons of Norway Park in Bismarck late at night on Friday, September 8, and accused him of stealing Guzman’s speaker. Guzman and Condon then began punching and kicking the man and threatening in with a knife.

Police stated that when they spoke to the man they noticed bruising so severe on the left side of his face that his left eye was no longer visible. Lacerations from a bladed object were also seen behind the man’s right ear and the right rear of his head.

The man also shared with police that Guzman held a knife to his throat and stated “I will f***ing kill you” several times.

After an investigation by police, both Guzman and Condon were arrested and charged with Terrorizing (Class C Felony) and Aggravated Assault (Class C Felony). Both are currently being held in the Burleigh Morton Detention Center.