BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Every year, game companies tease their latest projects at conventions like the E3 expo and PAX East- but for those who can’t attend such events, smaller ones are typically shown virtually via Youtube streams. This week, players were treated to two of these showcases.

In addition to the newest information from the Pokemon franchise being released on August 8, THQ Nordic also teased its own large array of games on August 11 . Here’s a list of all of the new games and additions to the old ones introduced over the past seven days.

Pokemon Presents

The first major information on the Pokemon franchise every year is released on Pokemon Day (February 27th) — but many times, fans need to wait long periods of time before hearing anything else about the company’s future releases Events like the Pokemon Presents serve as ways for fans to learn more about these teased projects.

This August, the 35-minute online showcase offered plenty of information on new events, Pokemon, and features coming to the franchise — including two new shows, a web series, the latest set of cards, and more additions to Pokemon phone apps like Pokemon Go, Pokemon Unite, and Pokemon Masters EX. Fans of the older games in the Pokemon franchise were also pleased to hear that two classic entries would be reappearing on the Nintendo Switch’s online services: the original Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color, and Pokemon Stadium 2.

In terms of new releases, the showcase also revealed more information about Detective Pikachu Returns — an adventure game featuring the titular electric mouse. Players take control of college student Tim and his Pikachu as they interview people and Pokemon, study crime scenes, and solve mysteries.

Before the showcase closed, fans were delighted to see more details released in regard to the two pieces of Downloadable Content coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These extra adventures were teased in this year’s Pokemon Day, and while very little information was released back then, this week’s digital event offered more details on both.

The first of these two DLCs (The Teal Mask) is officially scheduled for release on September 13, 2023. Taking place during a school trip to an event known as the Festival of Masks in the town of Kitakami. This festival is held in honor of the three great and loyal Pokemon who once saved the town from a monstrous ogre — and the story will focus not only on the festivities, but also the player’s own attempts to unravel the truth behind this tale. In addition to featuring an additional open world to explore, this expansion will add multiple new Pokemon to the series, allow players to encounter older creatures that were unavailable in Scarlet and Violet’s base game (including Ninetales, Snorlax, Mamoswine, and Milotic), and introduce new minigames such as balloon popping and Pokemon photography.

The second DLC, The Indigo Disk, sees Trainers act as exchange students to the underwater Blueberry Academy — where they will take new classes, explore the multiple biomes the school has created underwater, and do battle with Blueberry’s own Elite Four after passing their trials (one of which appears to involve giving the player’s partner Pokemon the ability to fly). Players can also join the school’s League Club, which allows them to change the way they throw Poke Balls, decorate the club’s room, and even call famous figures from Paldea to serve as special instructors. The expansion will also feature the addition of new Pokemon (including at least two Paradox Pokemon) and the return of old favorites like Metagross and Flygon. The exact date of this release is not known, but it is expected to be released in the Winter of 2023.

Just because there is still a period of time between the release of these extra adventures and the current day, however, does not mean that there is nothing to do in the game until then: a new Raid Battle for the infamous legendary Pokemon Mewtwo was announced, and will be heading to Scarlet and Violet shortly. To help players fight against this monstrous menace, they can use the code ‘GETY0URMEW’ in the Mystery Gift function to receive a copy of its progenitor Mew from now until September 18.

There is, however, an unfortunate side effect to the constant focus on downloadable content as opposed to physical releases — mainly for smaller game stores. The ability to buy online directly from the producer (and often receive bonus game items for doing so) means that many will skip over local sellers.

THQ Nordic Digital Showcase

Pokemon wasn’t the only series on display this week, however: on August 11, THQ Nordic hosted their own digital showcase, giving us a look at both returns to multiple franchises as well as unexpected, unforeseen announcements.

During previous showcases, the company has already teased revisions and sequels to some of their more well-known franchises — particularly new entries into the Outlast series of horror classics and the co-op fantasy adventures of Trine. In addition, horror shooter Alone in the Dark (which some may know better from the awful film version) will also be receiving a full reboot. During the August showcase, more information about each of these projects was revealed, along with plenty of other returns to old franchises — such as an unexpected sequel to the 2006 game Titan Quest and a remake of the classic 2000s-era RPG Gothic. This isn’t to say that new games weren’t released either: third-person shooter Outcast and simulator Space for Sale also received teasers, and fans can already sign up for the latter game’s closed beta.

Another interesting development came in the form of two new games for existing media empires. A new video game based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (specifically the popular 2020 comic book version), entitled The Last Ronin, will be receiving a video game adaptation created by the group behind remastering the Destroy All Humans! franchise, and the adult animated series South Park will also be receiving a new game. In stark contrast to the previous two turn-based RPG games based on the series (both of which are crude, but critically acclaimed), South Park: Snow Day is advertised as a multiplayer game that utilizes 3D animation as opposed to the classic paper cutout style the franchise typically uses. 3D has not been used in a South Park video game since the 90s and early 2000s (which were reportedly so bad that the franchise’s original creators now take a personal hand in game development to avoid making similar flops), so many are wondering if Snow Day will break this past stigma.

One of the most unexpected groups to see many new releases from THQ Nordic, however, were players interested in Real-Time Strategy. Two new RTS games — Last Train Home (which focuses on leading a group of soldiers through the remnants of a civil war) and the sci-fi-themed Tempest Rising (which claims to be inspired by the RTS games of the 1990s and 2000s, an era that brought us Age of Empires 2 and Starcraft 2).

In contrast to the larger Pokemon franchise, THQ Nordic’s games tend to be more individual new releases rather than extra downloadable content for those that already exist. This often means more sales of separate games — which can result in more profits for local establishments.

What do you think about the games teased at this year’s showcases? Are you excited for any of the new releases from THQ Nordic, or to continue your Pokemon adventures? Be sure to let us know on our Facebook pages!