The 7th annual Santa Run is taking place this weekend with some changes.

This run has become a tradition for many people in the community, and for good reason. All the proceeds go back into the group Runners Against Destructive Decisions.

KX News met up with the man who started it to learn more.

Judge David Reich, a district court judge in Bismarck, says he started the running group in 2014.
It’s for people in recovery from drugs and alcohol to have a healthy outlet. And from that, the Santa Run was created.

Judge Reich says, “It’s a nice colorful event that everybody can participate in and it celebrates sobriety. We all can see the negative sides of addiction and this is a positive way to look at people in recovery.”

Due to the pandemic, the event will be virtual this year. Runners can participate all month long from anywhere in the world and so far people from 30 states have registered. There will be a physical event taking place with COVID restrictions, of course.

Judge Reich explains, “At all times at the run they either need to social distance or wear face coverings. There will be hand sanitizers. we’re trying to be safe. we understand there’s a pandemic.”

Judge Reich says there’s a virtual program happening Friday night, December 11, where Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, will be speaking. The in-person event will be taking place Saturday.

For more information on the Santa Run go here.