Getting older can come with many obstacles, but it’s how you deal with those obstacles that will allow you to overcome them.

KX met with 2 local women who are using yoga to deal with some of their hurdles of getting older.

There really is no age restrictions when it comes to doing yoga. It helps relieve stress, improves your breathing, and even lowers your blood pressure.

It’s one of the reasons 92-year-old Rose-Mary started.
Rose Mary Gunsch says,  “It would help my high blood pressure and it does–it has stabilized it. and my balance is also better and walking and stuff.”
Fellow yoga student Ann Bucholz started a little over a year ago.
“I just feel a lot better doing it. It helps a person relax and so…it really just helps you do things you could never do before,” says Bucholz
This class is held at the Bismarck Senior Center and for many seniors, it’s about more than just the health benefits.
“I live alone you know so its kind of nice to just get with a group and talk to somebody you know,” says Rose-Mary. 
Rose Mary told me coming twice a week isn’t enough for her anymore, and even does yoga on her off day at home.
“Before Farkle, we have to do yoga.”
But says some stretches can be a little tricky for her.
“This one is a little harder because this is the arm I had surgery on, but it’s getting better I can almost put my fingers together behind there now.”
“As we age we aren’t doing what we should be doing. I should have done this 20 years ago,” says Bucholz.
This particular yoga class is on Thursdays from 10 to 11 am, for more information, click here