Biden doing better with rural voters than Hillary did in 2016 – Trump still leads

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KX News talked with both sides of the aisle in ND to see how Biden is narrowing the margins, and why conservatives continue to lead.

Rural America still supports President Donald Trump by two-thirds according to national polls.
However, prominent pollsters including Fox News are finding out that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is doing better in rural areas than Democrat Hillary Clinton did when she ran in 2016.

KX News talked to both sides of the aisle here in the Peace Garden State to see how the Biden campaign has managed to narrow the margins, and why conservatives continue to be in the lead.

Sheyenne, ND grain and cattle rancher Peter Larson has made a big statement to show his support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Earlier this fall, Larson ‘disked’ democratic candidates into his harvested soybean fields.

“I started out with a Lenz – Vig sign and that was the main thing I was going to do. And, then you know, I’m out here and I’m gonna do that, I put the Biden Harris sign in also,” said Larson.

Aerial shots taken from planes show that Larson’s signs can be seen from far above in the sky.

“The Biden Harris is maybe ten acres or so, ten-fifteen acres, it didn’t take long,” explained Larson.

Larson joins a trend of rural Americans showing greater support for Biden in 2020 than Hillary back in 2016.

A recent Fox News poll showed that 54 percent of rural America would vote for President Donald Trump while 41 percent would vote for Biden. In contrast to 2016, Fox News found that Trump won the rural vote by 33 points 64 percent compared to Hillary Clinton’s 31 percent. One of the major factors in greater support for the democratic candidate this election is the “tension” surrounding Trump’s style because rural voters are very respectful of each other.

“Personally, I just think a lot of it is his demeanor and what’s becoming his abrasive behavior,” said Larson.

However, farmers still support Trump for his handling of economics and playing hardball with China. Just ask North Dakota Farm Bureau President Daryl Lies who will tell you the majority of NDFP’s members lean conservative.

“For the most part, our members think that President Trump took the right approach to do that. Yeah, there was some pain involved. We all understood there was going to be. But, you don’t fix decades of mishandling of trade without a little bit of pain. But, now we’re seeing the payoff,” explained Lies.

Lies says it’s Trump’s sweeping deregulation of agencies like the EPA that is popular among North Dakota farmers.

[Trump shows that he’s willing to] “hold accountable the agencies that regulate us. Whether it’s the USDA, the EPA. The strong arm of regulatory authority puts a lot of stress on the ability to farm & do things on our farm.” explained Lies.

Regardless of who wins the oval office in 2020, North Dakota farmers will always be respectful and always hold true to the values of the heartland.

“In these small communities, everyone has known everyone for years and years and years. Arguing politics isn’t something that’s typically done to the point of argument,” noted Larson.

A big question is will Biden’s ability to “narrow the gap” in rural America translate to greater support in cities and suburbs that could deliver the victory to Biden.

Take a look at the national polling data to see a projection of how the 2020 Presidential Election will stack up to 2016.

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