The Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library just launched its Bookmobile Campaign. The Bookmobile has been serving the Burleigh County community since 1975.

The Bookmobile has ten routes and makes over 500 stops a year. It makes appearances in schools, assisted living facilities, post offices, and other various places throughout the county.

It brings with it over 550,000 books through the Central Dakota Library Network. A campaign was launched to help raise money for a new bookmobile by 2020.

I talked to one of the employees who told me just how vital the bookmobile is for the community.

Department Head of Burleigh Co. Bookmobile, Keli McDonald says, “We are a good supplement to the small school libraries that they have. We are able to bring a couple more thousand books to them each time, but then like I said we have access to the whole consortium which is actually 25 libraries.”

McDonald says they travel as far as Hazelton. They not only offer print books but E-Books, digital audiobooks, CD’s, DVD’s, and even tablets.

The current Bookmobile has 19 years of use. With over 122,000 miles and 13,000 hours of service, they told me its time for an upgrade.

Depending on the features, a new bookmobile can range anywhere from $300,000 – $400,000 dollars.
They have raised nearly $250,000 and told me they are hoping to raise another $120,000. 

For more information on how you can donate, click here