Bismarck Public Schools say goodbye to 40 teachers

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There are only a few more weeks left of school. And as we say goodbye to the textbooks and the homework we are also saying farewell to many of the amazing teachers in our region.

40 educators from Bismarck Public Schools are retiring this year. 

I sat down with Wachter Middle School Teacher, Josie Glatt, who will be saying goodbye after 31 years in the classroom.

Glatt started off as a special ed teacher, then transitioned into English, and now has been the communication lab teacher for the past 4 years.

She tells me teaching has changed a lot over the 30 years she’s been an educator. 

“We can come with the best lesson plan ever that we think and we come here… and they come here and they still drive the education because they come in with things that might have happened over the weekend or things that have foiled or unfoiled over social media and we have to do like clean up aisle school,” says Glatt. 
But the hardest part out of all her years as a teacher…
“When we can’t fix things for kids.”
She says the best advice she can give upcoming teachers is to just have a sense of humor, especially in middle school.
“And laugh with the kids. Laugh with the kids because I think that is really really important. And always just face every day as a new day and don’t ever take one day and make it be your next. You know every day is just a fresh day for everybody.”
Glatt says while she used to think she was going to miss her bulletin boards the most she really is just going to miss her students.
“The ever-changing kids, the suspense, like I said before it’s just a suspenseful job. You come in and from happy times to not so happy times they just come with so much. You think you thought you had heard it all and then you hear something new and you’re like ‘OH MY GOSH.'”
And the students are certainly going to miss her as well.
Wachter student, Regan Denver, “I’m really sad cus I…It’s just hard because I know all the upcoming 6th graders are going to be so sad. They didn’t know that they missed out on her, but she was just an amazing teacher.”
Student, Chance Hoesel adds, “Thank you for the opportunity to have you as my teacher and to learn all the stuff you taught me.”
“I don’t necessarily say I’m retiring from teaching but I am calling it my repurposing because I think life is short,” says Glatt. “And here’s an opportunity to maybe do something that’s different and I don’t know what that is yet, but I am going to certainly in June to let curiosity take its toll.”
Glatt says another important thing is to know your colleagues and says she’s lucky she has gotten to work with such great people at Wachter Middle School. 
Watcher is losing 6 veteran employees this year. This totals to 143 years of experience with Bismarck Public Schools.
KX wants to extend the congratulations to all the educators retiring this year from BPS!
  • Pamela Aadnes, LHS teacher, 20 years
  • Kaye Andersen, Simle instructional coach, 28 years
  • Mary Pat Archuleta, CHS teacher, 32 years •
  • Jo Brekke, Myhre speech-language pathologist, 23 years
  • Nancy Brown, Will-Moore instructional aide, 23 years
  • Tammy Carlson, Murphy secretary, 16 years
  • Cathy Dirk, Moses teacher, 39 years
  • Vonnie Doone, Northridge instructional aide/ playground supervisor, 9 years
  • Michelle Dzura-Hougen, BECEP coordinator, 43 years
  • Cammy Erickson, Wachter instructional coach, 32 years
  • Catherine Erickson, BHS teacher, 28 years
  • Josie Glatt, Wachter teacher, 26 years
  • Roberta Grassel, BHS teacher, 27 years
  • Cindy Gruebele, Wachter secretary, 30 years
  • Ray Hintz, Career Academy teacher, 9 years
  • Debbie Job, Miller library media specialist, 25 years
  • Bev Jundt, CHS teacher, 30 years
  • Paul Kohler, ALC teacher, 34 years
  • Nancy Labrensz, Facilities & Transportation bus monitor, 22 years
  • Klaudia Lawson, Moses/Myhre, speech-language pathologist, 40 years
  • Jane Leinius, BECEP, instructional aide, 18 years
  • Brenda Lipp, BPS psychologist, 35 years
  • Vicky Long, Wachter custodian, 27 years
  • Joni Love, Centennial teacher, 31 years
  • Jill Meier, Centennial teacher, 25 years
  • Deborah Mowder, CHS registrar/counseling secretary, 26 years
  • Gail Nagel, BHS instructional aide, 25 years
  • Charlene Nemec, Wachter teacher, 13 years
  • Greg Nohner, Horizon teacher, 25 years
  • Vicki Olson, South Central teacher, 11 years
  • Karen Preszler, Sunrise teacher, 38 years
  • Bernadette Roller, BHS instructional aide/ detention supervisor, 26 years
  • Phyllis Schroeder, Centennial teacher, 32 years
  • Coral Snyder, BPS print shop supervisor, 41 years
  • Dawn Stave, Moses teacher, 31 years
  • Dorothy Stegmiller, Horizon child nutrition— assistant cook, 8 years
  • Missy Vollmers, Centennial teacher, 26 years
  • Cindy Wilcox, BPS special education director, 14 years
  • Randy Woodworth, Lincoln custodian, 5 years
  • Rose Hinricksen, Wachter child nutrition— assistant cook, 15 years.

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