Abby DuBord is a first-grade teacher at Centennial Elementary School in Bismarck. She is teaching her students about all the months of the year.

“I love the kids; I love to wake up every morning and know that I get to hang out with 24 amazing students who not only look up to me but enjoy coming to school and who really have a lot to learn,” DuBord said.

Dubord has always been passionate about learning. As a child, she always challenged herself. She said learning came easy, while in high school she had a job as a leader for after-school programs.

“While I was there one of my really good friends and also co-worker and said if my other career was not like this, I’m not sure that I would want to do it and that was kind of the turning point for me, and I realized the same,” DuBord said.

Dubord furthered her education in Bismarck graduating from The University of Mary and having her Practicum teaching done in Bismarck and Mandan.

“I just kind of found my niche and I applied and then I applied and got hired and that’s how I became a teacher,” DuBord said.

Having only three years of experience in front of the classroom, she is the 2022 Burleigh County teacher of the year.

“I was extremely honored, surprised but honored,” DuBord said.

Dubord shares how there are valuable traits that come with teaching.

“One for me is really relationships, are you able to connect with students, just deepen that relationship with students are you able to just deepen that relationship with students so there’s just trust and value to education,” DuBord said.

Dubord also mentioned how teachers carry a lot of weight on their shoulders and the job can’t get done alone, it requires a lot of collaboration.