Most school principals would be a little nervous about receiving a call from a neighbor across from the school, but one Bismarck principal says this call came at the perfect time.

Hailey Haugen, the Principal of Grimsrud says, “I received a phone call last week from a kind neighborhood lady and she just asked what she could do for the school.”

Marlene Sapa has lived across the street from Grimsrud for 34 years now.

Marlene Sapa says, “Throughout those times I’ve always wondered who are they and what’s their story because you know lots of kids have needs that go on behind the scenes.”

She says the kids have become like family. That’s why she donated her $600 stimulus check to the students of Grimsrud.

Principal Hailey Haugen says that call came at the perfect time.

Hailey says, “I let her know that we were actually in the midst of starting a snack drive for kids and reaching out to our families to help.”

The cash from Marlene will help over 250 students.

Elizabeth Schmidkunz, the Social Worker at Grimsrud says, “It is so helpful just to be able to take that off of our families and that extra worry that they might have and so this has just been an
awesome opportunity to be able to support them.”

And while Marlene paid it forward—the students are sending their love right back.

Haddie, a student at Grimsrud says, “I’m writing a thank you card for Marlene because she’s giving us money so we can buy snacks for Grimsrud because some people forget or they run out.”

Marlene says the children are going to be the ones who care for us in the future. So that’s why she wanted to take care of them in the present.

Along with the snack funds some of the money will go toward clothing for those in need as well.