Brig. Gen. Jackie Huber: Making North Dakota History

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The first female in our state’s history has recently been named the Deputy Adjutant General for the North Dakota National Guard. We sat down with Brigadier General Jackie Huber to see what her journey has been like through it all.

General Jackie Huber was born and raised right here in North Dakota.

General Huber tells KX News that she was a graduate of the University of North Dakota and the University of Mary. She says her story all began after her dad jokingly told her and her brother they needed some military discipline.

“When I enlisted I never envisioned myself being not only a career national guardsman but to be at this rank and that type of thing,” says General Huber

General Huber originally got her undergraduate degree in criminal justice which landed her a job with the Burleigh County Sheriffs Department. But when the opportunity came to work for the National Guard, she took it. And that’s when it all started.

“When I think of experiences, I think of the people. The people are truly the foundation of this organization. When I look back, you know I deployed to Desert Storm and Desert Sheild … just a brand new enlisted person in the middle of my early ROTC days, and I look back at that deployment and there were so many truly incredible folks that truly impacted my life and kind of made me into the leader I am today,” shares Huber.

Not only was General Huber deployed to Desert Storm, but also Iraq … all experiences that she says has prepared her for her new role.

“I am grateful for having the opportunity to have that deployment time as an enlisted member, I think it just brings to light a new perspective as an officer you probably wouldn’t have,” says Huber.

General Huber’s made a huge impact on many people during her time in service. Some of those people tell me there wasn’t anybody more perfect to fill this position.

Lt. Col. Raymond Ripplinger says, “General Huber is just a very sincere leader. I would call her a servant leader. She’s very personable and just has a general concern about the soldiers she leads.”

Chief Warrant Officer Kerry Beck says, “She has paved the way for many of us females … I mean males and females, and she is just an incredible mentor for anybody.”

“She can strike up a conversation with anyone and she will truly remember things that are going on in your life, so it’s just this instant connection,” Maj. Rachael Berg adds. “Female or not, she is absolutely the most qualified for the position.”

General Huber says she does have big shoes to fill, but says she’s going to give it her all.

“Be true to who you are and your character more than anything versus gender or any of that. Be true who you are and don’t try and be something that you’re not and I have always done that. What you see is what you get,” says Huber. “And I’m going to give you 100 percent and give you my best that I can do.”

She says her goals for the future are not only to meet the expectations of her job, but serve as a friend, mentor, and role model. General Hubers new position is set to start October 1st.

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