BSC President to retire, but says growth will continue

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Bismarck State College President, Dr. Larry Skogen, announced last week that he will be retiring next year.

Dr. Skogen hasn’t always been in the education field. He spent 26 years in the Air Force and says after retiring from that, he wanted to continue working with young people.

That’s when he was hired in 2007 to become BSC’s president.

Since then he has made educational agreements with all branches of the U.S. military, providing online training to service members worldwide. He’s made a vast amount of improvements to the campus including the National Energy Center of Excellence. Skogen has even made bachelor programs available at the BSC.

He jokingly shares that his biggest accomplishment is the fact that he weighs the same today as he did when he first started.

Dr. Skogen says he couldn’t have done anything without the help of his wonderful team at BSC.

Skogen says once he’s gone, the growth will continue.

“Well my last year, what we want to do is number one make sure it’s a smooth transition for the next presidency,” says Skogen. “Number two is to make sure that everything and all the initiatives we got going right now, that we have them locked into a flight pattern.”

We spoke with his colleague who tells us why Dr. Skogen has been such a vital member to the school.

“He’s always looking to find connections. He’s always looking for how the needle is changing in higher ed and where we should be thinking when going forward. That I think is going to be something that will be hard to replace,” says Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Dan Leingang.

Skogen still has a full year left, and he says they are trying to make the next president’s transition as smooth as possible.

The school is working hard to continue Skogen’s current initiatives and projects even after he leaves. Dr. Skogen says while he’s ready for retirement, he’s not quite ready to leave the students.

“It’s a real honor for me to be able to sit in this office and sign congratulatory cards and letters to students who have done very well, and I am going to miss doing that,” says Skogen. “So it’s going to be a lot to miss, but its time for someone else to be able to do that and have that same enjoyment that I have.”

They currently have not found a replacement, but are hopeful to find someone as qualified as Dr. Skogen.

BSC employees tell KX they will also miss Dr. Skogen for his great fashion sense.

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