Close Before You Doze: How closing your door could save your life

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Next time you get ready for bed you might want to close your door. Most people don’t realize the difference that closing a door can make if a fire occurs.

Underwriter’s Laboratories Fire Safety has launched their Close Before You Doze Campaign.

Most home fire deaths take place between the hours of 11pm to 7am the hours most people are usually asleep That’s why they are encouraging you to shut your doors before you go to bed.

New research shows that only 29 percent of people sleep with their doors closed. Closing your door not only gives you more escape time but it can be the difference between one thousand degrees and 100 degrees.

This video shows exactly the power of shutting your door. As you can see one room had the door open during the fire and the other was closed.

Bismarck Fire Marshall, Owen Fitzsimmons, also tells us another factor on why you should close your door when you sleep.

“Homes are filled with modern furnishings that are made from synthetic materials. They burn faster than legacy materials and they give off a far more toxic smoke,” says Fitzsimmons. “Since they burn faster they fill up our home faster so what that does is that it lowers our time to escape.”

He adds that new furnishings in houses have lowered the escape time from approximately 17 minutes to now less than 3 minutes.

And if you want to see the complete video and get some more information of the close before you doze campaign click here.

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