Day Drinkin’ Daddy creator shares his secret to beating hangovers

Good Day Dakota

As everyone slowly starts waking up New Year’s Day morning– some might be feeling a little better than others. KX spoke to one man who’s made drinking beer his part-time profession and his secret to staying hangover free.

Bismarck local Matt Sapp is the creator of the social media sensation Day Drinkin’ Daddy and says it all started very randomly.

“I had just had my son and my best friend just had his son and we were just sitting around having some beers and he was like ‘we are just a bunch Day Drinkin’ Daddies,’ and I was like that is super catchy and I hopped on social media,” says Sapp.

From there he started posting different memes, reviewing different foods and beer– all while connecting it with being a dad.

He now has a following of nearly 25 thousand people, and just like his social media name implies, Sapp does love a good beer.

He tells KX he’s tried over two-thousand beers and works as a beertender and small-batch brewer at Gideon’s brewery in downtown Bismarck.

So it’s no surprise that he’s dealt with his fair share of hangovers.

“I think I do what a lot of people would do and just drink water and try the Pedialyte thing and in the younger days pop an ibuprofen and drink a Gatorade but that’s not super effective because a lot of the times I would still wake up hungover,” Sapp says.

But with all of his success, he was soon offered to sponsor Happy Hour Vitamins. It’s a vitamin that is supposed to prevent even your worst hangovers. Sapp says he hasn’t experienced a hangover since and is a frequent user of the product.

“Yeah I use them every weekend,” Sapp tells KX.

He says not to just take his word for it either.

“I had a lady share with me and said she went to a Nascar race and drank 15 beers and took three of these and woke up feeling like she never even drank. And I was like wow that’s incredible,” Sapp shares.

The process is pretty simple all you have to do is take 2 pills before or when you are drinking and then the next morning he says you will be hangover free.

And now with no more hangovers, Sapp has been planning some upcoming surprises for his Day Drinkin’ Daddy followers.

“I’m going to start a video series and its probably be by weekly or monthly and it’s going to be called #beerremix and its where I take two beers and mix them together and just have some fun with it.”

We did talk to a registered dietitian who says the pills are not bad for you but suggest drinking Pedialyte and getting as many electrolytes as you possibly can if you are hungover.

Day Drinkin’ Daddy is one of the top 25 craft beer accounts on Instagram.

For more information about Day Drinkin’ Daddy, click here.

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