The holidays are just around the corner and a nonprofit in Bismarck could use your help.

YouthWorks is an organization that helps homeless, runaway, trafficked, and struggling youth throughout North Dakota. But the COVID 19 pandemic has made this year challenging so the staff says they need your help.

YouthWorks has been serving the Bismarck area since 1986. Right now, there are 17 people in their care and it’s not slowing down.

Tesa Curtiss, the Transitional Living Program coordinator at YouthWorks says, “I would say we’ve been fairly busy this year during the pandemic helping to find emergency shelter for some of these young adults who we’ve come across.”

In a typical year, YouthWorks has several holiday events that residents can attend. But due to social distancing guidelines, events are few and far between.

Curtiss says, “This year because of the pandemic, we’ve found a way to be able to still do something. Just a short little opportunity for them to still come to say hi. We can give them their gift and
wish them a merry Christmas.”

And to make that happen, the staff are asking for donations for the upcoming season.

Caitlin Schafer, the Parenting Pathways coordinator at YouthWorks says, “Diapers, wipes, bottles, formula — Things that our clients might need that can be really expensive. If you’re a parent you know exactly how much those things cost.”

Curtiss adds, “We’re always in need of those non-perishable food items for our pantry.”

She says specifically Walmart or Target gift card would help too.

Curtiss says, “We’d be able to purchase some of those gift items –toys, books those kinds of things.”

By donating you will help young adults and families enjoy a safe and positive holiday this season.

Both Curtiss and Schafer say they’re even setting up a little shop at YouthWorks filled with
items for the young families to shop for some holiday items themselves.

If you are interested in donating, click here for contact information.