Don’t wait until next year to get your REAL ID

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By next year, a federal form of identification will be required to travel domestically. This year,  it’s already a requirement to get on any military base in the state.

Officials at the DMV advise that people learn more about the ‘Real ID’ as soon as possible’

You can get a ‘Real ID,’ which is a federal form of identification, by bringing the right documentation when renewing your driver’s license or ID card.

To get the ‘Real ID’,  you have to bring paperwork that fits THREE categories:

Category one is proof of identification that shows your birthday and legal presence in the U.S. That could be a birth certificate, a valid U.S. passport, or certificate of citizenship.

No photocopies will be accepted.

Category two is proof of your social security number by showing your actual social security card, a W-2 form, or a pay stub that has your name and social security number on it.

Category three is proof of a North Dakota residence. You can bring things like a mortgage or lease document, a homeowner’s insurance policy, or a utility bill.

There ARE some other acceptable documents you can bring, CLICK HERE to see the full list. Or call the DMV at 701-857-7624.

Your current ID will be valid as a ‘Real ID’ until it expires, but only up until October of 2020.

By that date, to fly domestically, you will need a ‘Real ID’ if you don’t have a passport.

The director of the DOT’s driver’s license division said only 22% of people getting renewals have the right paperwork. 

“Go ahead and start thinking now about getting your documents together,” Glenn Jackson, Director of Driver’s License Division, said. “Come into an office, schedule an appointment, come in and get your document now. Don’t wait until next year because it’s going to get very busy as we get closer to October of 2020.”

It’s important to note that this does not act as a passport. It will not work for border crossing or international flights.

If you do not have the need for a real ID, you do not have to get one. You can opt out when you go for renewal.

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