Face Yoga: Fighting face fatigue under the mask

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Whether it’s “Maskne” or breathability during exercising, we’ve seen many ways to maintain health this past year. But what about the health of your face? Two women in Bismarck are using a type of yoga that may seem a little goofy to the untrained eye.

Agata Zidon, certified face yoga instructor at Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center says, “Face yoga: It’s a set of facial exercises that they look funny but they actually, each of them has its purpose.”

Zidon says being aware of your facial expressions is important right now since everyone has become accustomed to wearing masks this year.

She adds, “If you don’t want your glasses to fog, you will move your mouth forward or you will make different expressions and that is going to cause additional lines.”

It looks funny, but sticking your tongue out does have its perks. Face yoga helps to lift your forehead, smooth lines, and wrinkles, reduces bags under your eyes, and tones your jawline.

Zidon says, “With face yoga, when you know what you are actually doing, then you can change that and start doing the exercises that will reduce the lines that are caused by, for example, wearing a mask.”

But if not done correctly, it could cause more damage than good. That’s why her client Katie Fitzsimmons started using this technique. She’s been doing it for several weeks now and has seen results.

Katie is a face yoga enthusiast. She says “As I’ve been wearing a mask, I’ve been carrying more tension in my jaw, like jutting out my mask, so I don’t fog up my glasses when I wear my glasses. So as I learned some of the poses and started doing them, I didn’t realize how much you need to be relaxed everywhere and how much stress and tension I was holding in my face.”

Some moves include the swan neck, forehead freeze, and the face lift.

Fitzsimmons adds, “It’s the little things, but it adds up. So I’ve been more aware of my facial expressions. The tension I carry in my shoulders, my neck, my head, my face and it’s just really helped manage stress and everything.”

Agata says she is offering face yoga classes in person or on Zoom for individuals but she is still practicing safe social distancing.

For more information on the Classes go here.

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