There are currently over 4-hundred thousand foster youth nationwide, and many of these foster kids come in with just the clothes on their backs.

Later Gator is a local consignment kids pop up shop that sponsored by both Burleigh and Morton County Social Services.

Burleigh County used their money and donations to add more clothes and make some much-needed updates and I spoke the woman who made it all happen.

The county had overflowing tubs of clothes, it was difficult to find stuff, and they had a lot of very old outdated clothes.

Due to the generous donation of new shelving and clothing from Later Gator, they now have much more room for more items and have been able to fit about 40 new bins in for shelving.

Foster Home Licenser for Burleigh County Social Services, Chelsea Flory says, “So we were able to separate the tubs by seasons, so we have winter and summer, and they are also separated by gender. So we have the boys tubs and girls tubs. We were also able to separate pajamas which are nice because now you can grab a couple of pajamas and pick out a couple of outfits.”

Flory was actually one of the key people behind making all these changes. She tells KX News whenever she had free time from her regular full-time job, she would try to organize and get everything ready for upcoming kids.

“It’s important when the kids come in they have a place where they can grab some outfits and get through a couple of those days,” says Flory. “They are in transition. They are going to a new home and they are leaving all their belongings behind so now they have stuff that’s their own when they are going into their foster home.”

After 40 plus hours and months of hard work Flory says she’s most excited they can finally tell people exactly what they need for donations and make kids feel more comfortable about picking out their clothes.

“It’s a huge accomplishment and it feels really good to get it organized and have it be more accessible to the children and have them be able to come down here and have them pick out some of their own items is really great,” says Flory.

Later Gator was also able to donate $1-thousand for things like socks, underwear, and things you typically would want new.

Burleigh County Social Services is accepting winter hats, coats, gloves, and boots. The county alone has 134 kids in foster care as of right now.

The clothing room is primarily used for Burleigh County Social service’s children but surrounding counties and tribal social services often place children in Burleigh County homes and utilize the supplies as well.

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