Pit Bulls in Need of Forever Homes

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There are 15 cities in North Dakota that have made it illegal to own a pit bull.
An animal rescue in Bismarck says because of this, numbers of this breed of dogs are on the rise in cities that do allow them –
and they need homes.
I spoke with Furry Friends Rockin Rescue about what we can do to help.
I found out there are several pit bulls in Bismarck alone that need homes right now.

Those I spoke with said that part of the problem is that the breed tends to be “misunderstood.”
Here’s why.
The number of pit bulls in need of homes is at a high in the state right now – according to Julie Schirado with Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue.
She says a big part of this is because of people moving here from out of state.

“It’s tough – when people move to our state and they aren’t aware of the rules and regs… it’s important when you’re moving to know what city regulations you have on that breed,” says Julie Schirado, Furry Friends Rockin Rescue.

Another reason, she says, is because of stereotypes surrounding the breed.

“They’re so misunderstood. And they do have an agressive look to them, like some of the other breeds, so they scare people,” says Schirado.

Tiffany Hardy with the animal rescue says a big reason pit bulls have a bad rap is because many people train them to hurt or kill in dog fights.

“Their biggest goal is to please their owner. So whether it’s putting a pit bull out there to be mean and agressive – if that’s something that the owners want them to do, that’s what they’re going to do,” says Hardy.

And, because of the damage a bite from a pit bull can do.

“Not everyone reports dog bites when it comes from a smaller dog. But because they’re these big powerful dogs, sometimes it has to be reported,” said Hardy.

This is Bruno – a pit bull puppy that Hardy is fostering until someone in North Dakota can give him a home.

“Pit bulls love to be with their humans. So someone who has a lot of time, someone who has a lot of patience and understanding, for training, and someone who is active,” says Hardy.

She says it’s all about how you train your dog from the start.

“If you train them properly, just like any other dog, it’s going to be a great dog,” says Hardy.

Click the link below for a list of cities in North Dakota that do not allow pit bulls.

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