Girls Scouts Dakota Horizons are now letting girls pick their own adventure. It’s a way to get girls connected despite the pandemic.

Girls who participate can choose from six different FREE and interactive adventures.

Whether it’s baking, learning the magic of water, or practicing some kitchen chemistry, the series is all virtual to practice safe social distancing. Everyone involved will be fully engaged and can choose her own path to unlock her sense of adventure. The best part about it is you don’t have to be a member of Girl Scouts to participate. It is customizable and a great way to connect with other girls.

KX News met up with Nicole Gustafson who is a member specialist at Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons to learn more about this new adventure that officially launched this week. Gustafson says, “What they need is what we’re providing. It’s just a great fit for wherever you’re at. If you’re at home if you’re at school full time if you’re in South Dakota, North Dakota. We make it accessible and we make it really fun.”

The series runs through December for girls in kindergarten through 12th-grade and even though its all virtual, they can still get the social experience with Girls from the entire region in places like North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and parts of Iowa.

For more information on how to register and get a group together go here.