MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — As the big game approaches this Sunday, one big question is on many peoples’ minds: where will they watch it?

Some watch the big game at home, while others choose to catch it at a restaurant, but everyone is wondering how both the game and restaurant seating will play out this year.

We spoke with a fairly new restaurant in Minot and how they plan to prepare for the big game.

“On top of having the special ready,” explained 28 Taste and Taps’ General Manager, Kyle Westmoreland, “you have to have all your daily stuff, know the things that are not on special, and what gets ordered the most. We run a small operation, but we will have someone in the back prepping up or portioning out our wings and vegetables.”

The National Retail Federation estimates at least 17.8 million plan on watching The Chiefs/Eagles game from a bar or restaurant. Oftentimes, eateries take advantage of this fact by offering special deals.

“Wings will be $2 off per pound,” stated Westmoreland. “Other than that come in hungry and happy, and we’ll be waiting.”

While watching the game out and about is a time-honored tradition for many, one local man has a different idea when it comes to catching Sunday’s super event.

“I’m going to be watching it at home,” stated Cutter Flory. “It’s a family tradition. It’s kinda a nice thing to do, just to spend some time with family.”

So get your chips, dip, and wings out, wash them down with your favorite beverage, and pull up a chair or couch cushion, because in just a few days all the action from the game will play out, mixed in with the fun from the commercials and Rihanna performing at the halftime show, and you won’t want to miss it.

The National Chicken Council, Projects about 1.42 billion chicken wings are eaten on this one day. How many will you eat?