How to avoid getting sick during the holidays

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Each year as we get into the holiday season, the chances of getting sick increase exponentially.

According to the CDC, last year was one of the most intense flu seasons on record. We still don’t know if it will better or worse this year, which is why you should start taking the necessary precautions now.

I talked with an Infectious Disease Specialist that says the number one thing is to just wash your hands.
He says watch what you touch, whether it be a ketchup dispenser or a lemon wedge at a restaurant, you don’t know who touched it before you.

He also says the winter months bring in all different types of stress that can also make you more likely to get sick.

Dr. Neo Mateo//Infectious Disease Specialist at Sanford Health: There’s temperature stress. You are having to work outdoors. There is a bit of a myth to say that extended exposure to cold weather will sometimes make you more prone to infections and what not and that’s necessarily true. But you do want to avoid stressing yourself physiology.”

He says staying active and not gaining weight during the holiday season can also prevent you from getting sick, and be careful when it comes to how you’re handling your food.

Viruses and a lot of infections can spread through contaminated foods, especially if you are double dipping or if you are sharing dishes, if you are sharing flatware — you know spoons and forks and what not. It’s best to have your own set of flatware to serve up whatever you are eating for yourself,” says Mateo. 

Mateo also suggests you get the flu shot if you haven’t gotten one already.

For more ways to keep from getting sick this year click here

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