How to shake your seasonal allergies

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If you suffer from the seasonal-allergy sniffles, there’s a number of things you can do to feel better and make the most of warmer weather.

A family nurse practitioner at Sanford Health, Susan Collins, told me that people can develop allergies at any time.

So while it may seem like a common cold or potentially feel a little bit worse than that, there’s a chance that it’s actually seasonal allergies.

“That’s what most people think, that it’s a sinus infection that hasn’t cleared up in two weeks or three weeks, they come in then,” Collins said. “That’s normally your indication that it’s more of an allergy reaction and not so much of sinusitis.”

Some tips to treat those lingering symptoms: use saline spray, gargle with warm salt water, use a humidifier and never sleep with the window open.

Collins suggests over-the-counter decongestant and/or antihistamine medications as soon as you notice symptoms.

She added that steam from the shower can help open and drain sinuses as well.

If you know what you may be allergic to, you can even use apps on your phone to see what kind and how much pollen is floating around in the area.

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