Winter is in the distant past and summer will be here in just a few days, and the days are certainly heating up!

Check out these Life Hacks to keep you stay a little cooler this summer!

Tip Number 1: Getting Rid of Extras

We all like to make our places feel like our own– but if you are trying to stay chill–maybe think about putting away any extras- like throw pillows, rugs, carpets or blankets.

These things collect dust and according to EPA Victoria less dust you will get cleaner and cooler air flowing.

Tip Number 2: Curtains

I do have blackout curtains, which are especially nice when the sun never seems to go down, but they aren’t the best to stay cool.

The darker the curtains the more they will absorb heat. Try switching them out with a linen fabric and a lighter color. Linen will not only make it cooler but its eco friendly and hypoallergenic.

Tip Number 3: Freezing your sheets

I probably would not normally “try this at home” but I have become desperate.

Pop your sheets and pillow cases in the freezer before you go to sleep, if you are worried about it being sanitary put them in a plastic bag first. This definitely will chill you out.

Tip Number 4:Creating your own AC Unit

I don’t have a central AC unit, but I do have a window unit. However it doesn’t always do the job.

Go to your freezer, get some ice, put it in a bowl, and then put it in front of your fan. This will give you a little bit of extra chill in the air.

Tip Number 5: Cooling off your Pulse Points


Your pulse points are places like your wrist, elbows, groin, or ankles. These spots are where your blood vessels are and when you cool them your blood and body temperature will cool down as well.

Hopefully these tips will make you feel “cool” as “uncool” as they might seem.