We use toothpaste every day to keep our teeth clean and healthy, but do you know there are many other uses for it? I’m Aaron Fields and I’ll show you alternative ways you can make the most of your tube of toothpaste in this latest segment of ‘Life Hacks.’

Tip Number 1: Getting rid of odors

We never know what our hands will get into, whether that be cooking in the kitchen with smelly ingredients or cleaning up after your dog, and soap doesn’t always work with getting rid of the smell.

Try washing your hands with toothpaste. It will leave a minty fresh scent.

Also if you are in a “stanky” situation try putting toothpaste up around your nose.

It might burn a little, but the scent will distract you from the nasty odors you might be experiencing.

Tip Number 2: Using toothpaste as a beauty tool

We all get pimples, wrinkles, or dark spots. Try applying toothpaste to pimples to dry them out. I use this a lot and it works for me.

People have claimed it also helps tighten up wrinkles, whitens up dark spots, and even helps soothe burns and bug bites.

Apply it to the area before bedtime and then wash it off to see the aftermath.

Everyone’s skin is different so always talk to your dermatologist before trying any of these.

Tip Number 3: Removing scratches

If you don’t always have a case on your phone it’s likely to get a scratch or two.

Apply some toothpaste to your phone. Don’t put it around any ports or places it could possibly get inside the phone. Then gently buff the scratches out with a clean cloth.

It should make them less noticeable and it also works on watches, rings, or any type of jewelry.

Tip Number 4: Using it to clean

Toothpaste can help you clean the rubber around your shoes and any stains on them. After some scrubbing you can see the difference.

Also I probably drew on a wall or two with a crayon when I was little, but toothpaste can get the stain out. After getting a toothbrush and toothpaste and putting in a little work it came right off.

Tip Number 5: Degunking your iron

Is your iron not getting the wrinkles out like it used too?

Try applying a layer of toothpaste onto it. This works as a mild abrasive and will get rid of the dirt that’s lingering in it. Then just wash it off with a clean rag.

If you still use CD’s or DVD’s but from the research I did, by using a small amount of toothpaste it can also remove scratches those.

Hopefully, these tips will make you think a little differently when you brush your teeth and tune in next time for more Life Hacks with me Aaron Fields.