Sustaining Native American culture is the goal of one Bismarck nonprofit and the group received a major grant in order to do just that.

For a group dedicated to helping people and families prosper and find a sense of belonging in North Dakota, this federal grant money will go a long way.

Native INC, a sister organization of the Native American Development Center, will receive just under $300,000 a year over the next three years.

KX News met with Loraine Davis, CEO of The Native American Development Center, who says this is a huge win for the Indigenous community. Davis says “We want to be able to recognize the uniqueness of every tribe and bring everybody together and consolidate a lot of our cultural values.”

The funds will be used to integrate cultural services starting in the Bismarck metropolitan area and throughout North Dakota. There will be services like transportation, finding resources, supplies for cultural programs, and rent for a community center.

Davis says, “Whatever is happening in the community it’s all great and we need all of those things… recreation, to entertainment, to things for our children, but what we really need on a daily basis is to be connected to each other.”

And that’s what the Native American Development center allows them to do.

Right now the staff consists of admins, drivers, housing and finance coordinators, and recovery coordinators. With the funding, they will hire at least four more staff members to create personalized plans for families to have a successful economic transition, find employment and housing, and an overall sense of belonging.

Consumer Finance Counselor at Native American Development Center, Vincent McCloud says, “There’s a lot of information that people just don’t have access to or they don’t know how to access the information. So my hope is that we’re not just a local resource but get them National information.”

New resources to meet the needs, and sustain the culture of Native Americans in North Dakota.