Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t make it to your child’s game? Well, one man is bringing the games right to you.

Jerry Zachmeier wanted to give parents, grandparents, and any family members or friends a chance to see their kids play. That’s why he created Undercover Productions.

Zachmeier says, “I get to watch sports at the same time. I mean I would probably be here watching the events anyways, so might as well.”

Zachmeier works a full job as an IT Specialist at Mandan Public Schools and then during his free time he spends anywhere from 10 to 40 hours a week filming different sporting events for Mandan High. Zachmeier himself went to Mandan High School and had 3 daughters who also went there as well, which is why he started Undercover Productions in the first place.

“It’s always been something I have been wanting to do to bring it to everybody. Everybody should be able to see their son, daughter, nephew, niece playing the sport that they love,” says Zachmeier.

From starting off with just one camera and a laptop, he now controls 5 different cameras, 2 monitors and 2 laptops to give his viewers the best experience possible. He’s spent 10-thousand dollars on all of the equipment, and again this is all coming out of his own pocket. But it’s not about the money for Zachmeier.

“People have asked, ‘why don’t you charge a fee or a service fee or a monthly fee?’ It’s not about the money it’s about getting it out there so kids can watch themselves, parents, grandparents that live in Arizona or Florida. We have had some soldiers over in Afghanistan and it’s just an amazing feeling,” he tells KX.

Mandan Public Schools are extremely grateful to have Zachmeier doing this for them.

Mandan High School Activities Director Mark Wiest says, “For one person he has already been going over and beyond from what anyone has expected and again he is just doing it free will– he’s not being paid a cent for this and he’s doing this for this kids and that’s what he will say too.”

Zachmeier continues to stay humble about everything he does but he says he loves when people do come up to him and appreciate the work he’s doing.

“I never expect it but when people do come up to me and say thank you. It’s huge. That’s not what I’m doing it for but I’m doing it for– so it’s just available. It’s really nice for when a parent does come up.”

College coaches have even watched his streaming services to find new recruits. He has recorded over three-hundred games for the high school. This year he hopes to start streaming Mandan High School baseball and softball games.

For a direct link to Undercover Productions, click here.