If you are struggling to find that bright spot in your day, you may want to consider a visit to Mandan where cheer is blossoming.

The Mandan Flower Project started last year and took nearly nine months to complete. The leaders behind the project say doing something as little as putting up flowers will not only bring a little cheer but boost the economy.

It started out a little rough to get the money to afford these flowers last year. The cost ranged from about $30,000 and took $8,000 to sustain it. However, through community support and grant money they made it happen.

Amy Bickleman who was one of the founders of the project tell KX News locals have been loving the change of scenery.

“Every time we turn on the news all we hear is–well all I was hearing was protest and COVID-19– and it was just depressing,” says Bickleman. “We have put up these beautiful hanging flower baskets and we thought the community should hear more about it and hear about the positive news instead of the negative news we have been hearing.”

Even other businesses have started setting out flowers to spread the joy.

Bickleman says, “Just the idea of putting hanging baskets up– it brings people into the city and it makes them want to park and walk around. It just enhances the overall view. It’s a little thing that makes a big difference to the community.”

This has been a very successful project and they estimate it will cost them about $5,000 to sustain it every year.

They were planning on doing an artistic bench competition, but due to the pandemic it probably won’t happen.

This is not coming from tax dollars but donations and community support and for more information, click here.