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Mother shares experience of pregnancy during COVID-19 pandemic

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Having a baby is supposed to be one of the most exciting experiences for any parent. But the coronavirus outbreak complicates that experience.

KX News spoke with an expecting mother who you might recognize– to see what it’s been like for her during this pandemic.

Mother Amber Schatz says, “I have scheduled C-section and it’s April 24th so we are exactly 2 weeks away.”

Only 14 days until Schatz is supposed to welcome her second child, but with everything going on, she says there’s a lot more anxiety this time around.

“It’s just so crazy its like living in the Twilight Zone,” says Schatz. “It’s scarier going through the coronavirus than having my first child. There were so many unknowns with both. When you turn on the news and see all the stories and unknowns of impacts for pregnant women and their unborn babies.”

Schatz isn’t the only expecting mother with questions, which doctors still can’t fully answer.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist at Sanford Health Dr. Tobiasz says, “The majority of pregnant woman that have been affected have only been affected mildly. However the concern is that any time a mom gets sick with a respiratory infection even something like influenza they do have a higher risk of complications.”

Schatz says the pregnancy process has been pretty much the same– other than getting her temperature checked when she go in for her checkups and staying six feet away from other moms when she’s in the waiting room. That hasn’t been her major concern.

“The biggest thing that has hindered me is when my parents or family cant be involved so I will only have one visitor with me in the hospital and at this time there’s no allowing that,” says Schatz.

Regulations could get more strict, but for now the best thing is to stay positive.

Dr. Tobiasz says, “So I think the most reassuring thing is that most women who have been affected by this worldwide and now in our country have done really well with this so that is the reassuring thing.”

“Try to find humor when you can– that’s what certainly gets me through the hardest times and believe me my husband has made many essential trips to Dairy Queen for me– so treat yourself. Make sure you’re getting those foot rubs and that bath time–whatever it is that you want because again this is a special time in your life,” says Schatz.

She has also been using Facebook mother groups and planning her new baby’s room to get her mind of things.

Doctors are still encouraging mothers to breast feed at this time, but that depends largely on the mother’s health. They are trying to learn as much as they can about the virus during this time as well.

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