This week the North Dakota Highway Patrol is keeping a closer eye on the roads. April 20, better known as 4/20 or World Weed Day, is a day to celebrate the use of marijuana. Troopers are on the watch for drivers who are driving impaired because of the drug.

“We just want to bring about awareness that you can drive impaired from other substances other than just alcohol and that’s the whole concept behind us putting together this initiative,” Sgt. Wade Kadrmas said.

Since Monday, officers have been watching closely for unruly drivers on the road.

“Are they weaving, are they stopping, are they going too fast? Are they going too fast, going too slow? We’re up in the mirror. Normally alcohol is easy to detect, marijuana is too if you smell it in the vehicle,” Kadrmas said.

Kadrmas said education and awareness of this thing are just one of the duties that come with wearing the badge.

“Part of our job and our duties is to let people know that if you take a substance it’s going to make you feel different or drive differently,” he added.

In efforts to continue the safety of our roads highway patrol is hiring more officers. You can find more information here.