Welcome to July 31st on the National Day Calendar.

While Ancient Aztecs knew the beauty power of the mighty green avocado, it took a modern company to put this fruit on the map.

Today we celebrate National Avocado Day thanks to two gals from California who saw the potential in this versatile wonder.

Though Danika Brysha and Camille May were not the first to discover the healthful properties of this super-food, they founded their company Model Meals to deliver heart healthy food and avocados fit the bill perfectly. The two even carry purse avocados for a convenient way to get a midday dose of healthy fats and vitamins.

And if you love avocados, you’re probably aware that they show up in way more than bowls of guacamole. This creamy fruit adds richness to soups and smoothies and even cream pies for a nutritious addition that’s worth celebrating.

Today we also celebrate National Mutt Day.