What’s in a name?
When it comes to freezer pops apparently everything!

If you are fond of tasting a rainbow, look no further than your freezer for a flavor parade that has something for everyone.

Little Orphan Orange and Sir Issac lime have been famous freezer pops since the 1990s but when Jel Sert bought the Southern California company that made Otter Pops they soon dominated the market of the freeze at home popsicle that people have been crazy for since the 1960s.

Whether you’re a fan of FlavorIce or the cartoon otter kind depends on if you live east or west of the Rockies, but even Canadians have Freezies and Australians love their Zooper Doopers.

On National, Freezer Pop Day enjoy this cool treat that has a way of delighting us all.

Today we also celebrate National Chocolate With Almonds Day.