Welcome to March 18th on the National Day Calendar.

Today, we celebrate a sandwich with casual appeal, the sloppy joe.

One origin story begins in the 1920s at a greasy spoon diner in Sioux City, Iowa. Here, they served something called a steamed hamburger, which was simply ground beef served loose on a bun with grilled onions, pickles ketchup and mustard.

And if you’re in a come as you are kind of mood, then a loose meat sandwich probably fits the bill.

In Key West, Florida a bar that opened in 1933 on the day Prohibition was repealed, now sells the sandwich as a sloppy joe. For this, we can thank none other than Ernest Hemingway, who encouraged the bar owner to rename the place after Joe, a sloppy Havana bar keeper.

Joe’s place in Cuba also served a loose meat sandwich, but the American owner knew a good name when she saw it.

Today, more than 50,000 sandwiches are sold each year at the Sloppy Joes bar in Key West.

Of course you can always whip one up at home on National Sloppy Joe Day. No shoes, no shirt, no problem.

Today we also celebrate National Farm Rescuer Day, National Awkward Moments Day, National Biodiesel Day, and National Supreme Sacrifice Day.