Among the hundreds of statutes that make up the rules of the road, there’s one in particular that the Highway Patrol wants to stress the importance of — turning violations.

For example, when a driver turns onto a multiple lane highway, they MUST stay to the inside lane and THEN merge to the outside lane, but many do not.

Sergeant Kevin Houston says instead, he sees drivers turn and immediately cross over into the far lane.

The seemingly-small disregard can cost you a 20 dollar citation, but it’s the crash-causing factor that Houston worries about.

“It makes me concerned as far as if there are small children involved, if there is a crash that happens, and it’s actually a preventable crash,” Houston said. “The majority of all crashes are 100 percent preventable and it’s because of the actions of the driver.”

In his 25 years on the Highway Patrol, Houston said he’s seen many accidents because of this and arrested drunk drivers who fail to properly turn.

Although he patrols state roads, this violation can happen anywhere there is a turn that leads to multiple lanes.

The ND Highway Patrol’s number one goal is to prevent or respond to car crashes, so if that means reminding drivers of minor violations with major consequences, so be it.