No school? STEM program will watch and teach your child on off days

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Do you ever have a difficult time finding somebody to watch your children when they have a day off of school?

Well next time, you might want to check out the Gateway to Science STEM Adventure Camp.

The program is specifically set on days that are planned off of school, so if you can’t find a babysitter or just want to keep your child busy this is something you must try out.

Educational Outreach Director, Courtney Stoltz says, “We spend the day just learning STEM, doing a bunch of different hands-on activities that allow kids to explore different aspects of STEM and practice their 21st-century skills.”
STEM Adventure Mini Camp is for students from 1st to 5th grade. They get to explore science through technology, engineering, math, and creative design.
“They get to spend more time working on something that maybe in the regular classroom they wouldn’t have the luxury of spending time on, so it just goes with our mission and it’s what we love to do,” says Stoltz.
I asked Stoltz since its the kids day off, do any of them ever complain about having to learn?
“You occasionally get the kid who would rather be at home playing Fortnite or Minecraft, and they are like its morning I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to do it. But once they start playing, and once they start making something, and once they have a challenge set to them. They get into it and they rub the gunk out of their eyes and say ok I got this I can do this.”
She says this camp is more than just a fun activity for the kids.
“We are absolutely learning stuff,” says Stoltz. “The teacher in me would never let them leave here without learning something. But it’s more about exploring things and spending time with things that they maybe didn’t have the chance to in school.”
I wanted to see for myself what all the kids had been learning.
“I have learned about programming and learning how to build and a lot of other stuff,” says camper Jake Bergquist.
“That when you work together anything is possible,” says Collin Malloy.
Anush Kagade says, “We learned how to not give up even though when your creation breaks.”
“I think you should come here it’s one of the best times I have ever had,” says Brodie Bergquist.
For more information about the camp and how to register for your child’s next day off, click here.

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