When you hear the word bikers, you probably have this image of big, tough, tatted up, masculine men.

But some of the local bikers around our area teamed up to give the community a new perspective of the word, all while giving back.

Biker Clubs around the Bismarck/Mandan area showed it all in their first ever “The Not So Heavenly Bodies Calendar.”

Creator of The Not Heavenly Bodies Calendar, Beth Nielson says, “It was kind of a joke. It started off as a joke of a challenge to see if I could get anyone to do it, but I have always wanted to do some kind of spoof calendar. I always thought it would be fun.”

What started off as a joke became a way to give back to the community. Neilson, along with 6 biker clubs, created a calendar that showed a more vulnerable side of bikers.

The calendar itself …

“Funny … funny … that’s all I got … funny,” says Heaven’s Helper’s Soup Kitchen owner, Mark Meier.

From January to December you can see these bikers expose it all. And get this, 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to Heaven’s Helpers Soup Kitchen.

“They get so misjudged a lot of the times because like every other group in the world, there is a bad apple in every bunch,” says Nielson. “Unfortunately, that bad apple tends to stick out and these guys just wanted to put a group together and show that they do support the community and they want the community to see how important they feel about places like Heaven’s Helpers.”

And that’s why bikers like Brett Behm didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity.

“We are not gangs. That’s the thing … we are not gangs,” says ND Freedom Riders member, Brett Behm. “We are just a group of guys that like to get together, have fun, and support the community.”

However, Behm does admit it was a little hard getting into character though.

“I was nervous a little when I first started. The wife and Beth had to coax me into a few poses and stuff,” says Behm.

Nielson adds, “They all had a blast though. I mean if you look at all of them there is no one there that didn’t want to be doing it. Once they got into it and all realized what I was after, they were 110 percent, and the pictures are proof of it.”

This project also allowed for all the biker clubs to come together, which doesn’t happen often. So next time you see a biker, don’t judge a book by its cover.

“Once you get to know us we are big huge teddy bears,” adds Behm.

Beth tells me they launched last week and have already had to order a new batch. They have 23 local sponsors and tell KX News most of them reached out to them after hearing about the idea.

There is also a special surprise at the end of the calendar, but you have to buy it to find out what that is.

For how you can get your hands on the “The Not So Heavenly Bodies” calendars, click here. Make sure to send to the address you want it to be delivered or mailed too. There is a $3 shipping fee for 1 and $8 for up to 5 calendars.

The creator of the calendar wants to remind everyone that this is not meant to be offensive, but just a fun way to raise money.