Pediatricians say no to popular baby sleeper DockATot

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There are countless products on the market for your baby, but which ones are safe?

Pediatricians around the country are warning parents about one product called DockATot.

The DockATot came out a few years ago and is blowing up around the world.

Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian have advocated for the product.
However, pediatricians are saying that this product, in particular, should be taken off the shelves because of its high risk for sudden infant death syndrome.

The DockATot is supposedly the miracle baby sleeper. Mothers around the world swear by it. However for mother of 2, Kassy Landis, after talking with her pediatrician she realized it might not be as great as it everyone made it out to be.

“I think for me everyone started to use them and you see them advertised everywhere as this wonderful thing and I didn’t realize the risk that was there with them,” says Landis.

Her pediatrician tells me the product itself goes against the recommendations for SIDS prevention.

Sanford Health Pediatrician, Christina daSilva says, “You know it’s a soft surface the AEP really recommends a hard surface. There’s essentially a pillow surrounding the baby and that again is going to be a hazard for suffocation and certainly increase your risk for sudden infant death syndrome.”

Nearly 3,500 babies in the US are lost to sleep-related deaths each year. DaSilva says that she understands that you want to get your sleep but this product is not something you should turn too.

“We just want the public to be aware that Dock a Tots are not approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics, by the consumer’s agencies,” says Dr. daSilva.

Landis says even some of her own friends did not know the potential dangers of the DockATot.

“I do have one a gal was actually like I didn’t know that I’m not going to use that anymore,” says Landis. “And she is pregnant again. She used it with her first child the whole time and said I’m definitely not going to use it for my second one.”

And if you do have a DockATot make sure you are careful. DaSilva says most consumers are using these as a bed and they aren’t.

Dr. daSilva says, “They need to be watched, they need to be supervised and they shouldn’t be sleeping in them.”

When looking for a sleeper Dr. daSilva says to look for 3 magic words: a crib, a bassinet, or a play yard because those have all been tested.

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