Pumpkins and power tools: N.D. inventor creates Pumpkin Gutter

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It’s Halloween season and it’s time to trick or treat yourself. One way you can do that is with a locally made Pumpkin Gutter.

“It’s kind of a funny story because everyone always goes ‘Geez Evan, you must hate gutting pumpkins because you came up with this thing,'” says Evan Anderson, the inventor of Pumpkin Gutter.

Anderson says the idea came to him after a Halloween night out with his friends, who kept joking about what he was going to do with all his power tools.

Anderson says, “So laying in bed I go, ‘I think it would be funnier than heck if I gut and do my whole pumpkin doing power tools.'”

Anderson is also the owner of Gizmonics, a company that turns ideas into reality. He says after jotting down his idea he made a prototype, and without even trying it out he brought it over to his friends to show them just how he puts his power tools to work.

“We had great luck with it. In fact, everyone’s pumpkin ended up in a line for me to gut for them so they didn’t have to do that part with a scoop or a spoon,” says Anderson.

The Pumpkin Gutter takes only about thirty seconds to turn your pumpkin into the perfect Jack-O-Lantern.

“You are not only able to cut the seeds and the strings loose and get those dumped out, but you’re able to get in there and thin those walls as thin as you want,” says Anderson. “We have gotten people to make them as thin as they can get where the light shines through the skin of the pumpkin.”

The Pumpkin Gutter has been featured on Martha Stewart and has made quite an impact on pumpkin lovers in more ways than one.

“I get an email from a woman from out of the blue and it’s a long email and her kitchen mixer had burned out as she was making her son’s birthday cake,” he says. “Her husband went out to the garage and got his Pumpkin Gutter, brought it in and finished the cake batter and saved the day.”

Anderson says he’s just happy he can make everyone’s Halloween that much more “fangtastic”.

Anderson says, “It gets you doing the part that people enjoy the most, faster. And what we hear from a lot of customers is they go back to the store and buy more pumpkins because that part is so easy now.”

Anderson gave us a tutorial on how to use it.

Anderson adds that soaking your pumpkin in water, using vaseline, or spraying Lysol are all ways you can keep your pumpkin looking good.

The production company, Threefold, has even made a new promo for the product and you can check it out by clicking here.

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