Raising North Dakota: Changing Outlooks

Good Day Dakota

We are all well aware of what we can’t do, who we can’t see, and what we can’t have due to covid-19.
It’s brought a lot of unwelcome changes to all of our lives.
But what if we try to turn the conversation around and focus on what we do have, how we can see others, and what we can do?

In this week’s Raising North Dakota, Alysia Huck shares some positive insight from a pediatrician, mother, and her children on how we can do just that.

We’ve all yearned for normalcy for months, and that’s especially true now with the holiday season upon us.

“We all have lost some of our normal lives, or we should have if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing now, but as it relates to children, if we frame something in a way that makes it special, even in a different way, it is going to be special in the memories of those kids regardless of what it is,” says Dr. Kathy Anderson, mom/pediatrician.

And turning the conversation around is exactly what mom, and pediatrician Dr. Kathy Anderson is working to do.
She explains that while this holiday season will be different, it’s important to look at it as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

“Reframing how we are experiencing our holidays and making it special,” Kathy explains. “It’s like we are living through a really long snowstorm right now and we just have to figure our how we make that special for our families.”

Kathy says it’s all about getting creative and finding new, fun ways to spend time with our loved ones without increasing the risk of covid for ourselves or our family members.
So how do we do that?
Kathy’s three girls, Ava, Aaliyah and Yaya, have done a great job of focusing on the positive.

“And this year it’s really fun cause most families don’t really spend so much time together, but this year you do because you’re stuck at home,” says Aaliyah Austin, daughter.

From art, games, hikes and online playdates, the girls are creating quite the list of NEW pastimes … and one of their favorites…

Aaliyah exclaims, “What you do is you have a dance party!”

“We like to do zoom calls and sometimes playdates outside on playgrounds while wearing masks,” says Ava Austin, daughter.

Aaliyah says, “Even meet in person stay 6′ away with masks, or more than 6′ away with masks and you can yell at them.”

Yaya Austin, daughter, exclaims, “We eat cake!”

And what do the girls have planned for Thanksgiving this year?

Aaliyah shares, “We are not going to have a turkey like usual people, we’re going to have an oxtail which is so great.” Yaya says, “I love it,” and Ava explains, “We for thanksgiving will do it over Zoom and maybe like with our cousin do baking over zoom.”

Ultimately, we all have the same goal.

“We want to be able to feel the richness of family members around us during this time,” Kathy says. “Hopefully with that understanding, we can move forward together with the priority of keeping each other safe.”

And when we reminisce with our loved ones about how we weathered the covid-10 storm, we can share how we made beautiful memories in ways one would never imagine.

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